Wednesday, June 24, 2015

hug it out

I've been working on a history comic, it should be done soon. I made the mistake of listening to the news and wanted to make a comic about the importance of keeping guns away from myself, knowing me, I would trip on a pancake and the whole thing would be over. I know people say that a study would be just one more study, but the only thing we have to lose is money.

To be serious for a moment - If the United States wants to have a safer society with less gun lobbies, responsible gun owners need to be a part of the conversation. The NRA (in Washington) has shot down any kind of bipartisan study to even understand the relationship of gun sales and violence and how gun violence could be reduced, I guess that just have too much money to lose in the matter, and from an outsider perspective, tell common NRA members that big government that wants to take away all of their guns.

I have heard a bit of chatter also that the gun debate/gun control should include conditions on mental health in terms of gun ownership. There of course are no easy answer, hence why a study with broad support is needed toward creating reasonable gun ownership laws.

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