Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Issues 3.0

Welp, thought I would make a political cartoon and in the spirit of social media I will whine about it. The other day on FB, WW posted that they (with the rest of national media) turn their attention toward covering potential presidential nominees for 2016 ... woof.

Well I ran into Mitt Romney at Papa John's and it inspired me to make this comic. I have been working on becoming a snide intellectual up in my tower and the matters of political personalities is far beneath me. Then I remembered that I am a cartoonist, and when Republicans are trying to impress one another is the golden hour for making political cartoons - time for partisan zingers. I tried to do it justice, I drew the trees just the right height and featured Mitt with his binders full of women.

Also, I'm posting more historical illustrations on the tumbler blog. Posts a more frequent.

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